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A Drawn Line - Andrew and Lina 08.03.2k9 Lina and Andrew dancing Lina and Andrew dancing
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We’ve been preparing Charlotte for her first checkup – themed cartoons, discussion and reminders. While she brushing or flossing her teeth or on her third round of Peppa Pig’s Dentist episode, things seemed to be going well. However, on the big day, the entire family was rather stressed and on edge, so tantrums were to be expected. Charlotte was cranky when we arrived at the office, but quickly cheered up when handed a purple balloon, nearly identical to the one she was asked to leave at home. Things continued to look up as she became mesmerized by the large fish tank in the office hallway, but went quickly downhill as she was asked to finally move on to her private room. And good thing it was private – the other children in the office probably have thought she was being tortured in there. Charlee would not lie down on the bed even to watch the cartoon movie playing on the big screen on the ceiling, nor be bribed by the goody bag, nor soothed by her beloved Monkey and Ga. She chose papa’s lap to sit on over mama’s, but was indignant when flipped down into the doctor’s reach, flossed, brushed and fluorided against her will. After the hasty retreat to the fish tank, mama finally had the opportunity to hear what the soft-spoken dentist had to say, and at least there the news was great – Charlotte has perfect teeth!

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